Power Plate my5 Full Body Vibration Platform

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Power Plate my5 Full Body Vibration Platform

Transform your fitness from the comfort of your own home with the Power Plate my5 Vibration Platform. Power Plate is the elite fitness and recovery equipment that maximizes your physical potential faster and more efficiently. By activating the body’s natural reflex to vibration, the Power Plate platform moves 25-50 times per second to engage muscles in a controlled and consistent manner, giving you the absolute best workout possible. There are many Vibration platform workouts included. All from the comfort of your home! In as little as 15 minutes, you can crush a workout with 6x the results as compared to conventional floor exercises. 


Larger plate surface for more maneuverability

The Power Plate my5 model brings great full-body results to your home workouts as short as 30 minutes a day, only three days a week. Advanced Vibration Technology, the science behind Power Plate, provides a revolutionary, low-stress exercise and rehabilitation solution.

With three frequency options between 30-40HZ, it’s more customizable than the my3 and it’s larger plate surface provides more maneuverability. It also has a higher maximum load, preprogrammed quick start buttons and a remote control. The sleek design of the my5 combined with the technology creates a wonderful blend of science and elegance at home.

What’s Included With The Power Plate my5

  • Hand Straps (set of 2)
  • Rubber Mat Set (set of 3)
  • Remote Control
  • Instructions for Use
  • Exercise Poster
  • Dust Covers (column and platform)
  • Power Cord


  • Maximum Load: 300lb / 136kg
  • Operation: User-friendly interactive display
  • PrecisionWave Technology: High-fidelity harmonic vibration system that provides uncompromising performance for unsurpassed results
  • Frequency/ Pre-set Frequencies: 30-40Hz / 30, 35, 40Hz
  • Time Selections: 30 or 60 seconds
  • Amplitude / Vibration Setting: Low or High
  • Secondary timer and controls, quick start programs and remote
  • Warranty: 3 years hardware / 1 year electronics / 1 year labor


  • Machine Dimensions (WxDxH): 27in x 36in x 58in / 68cm x 92cm x 148cm
  • Platform Dimensions (WxD): 27in x 28in / 68cm x 72cm
  • Weight: 151lb / 68kg
  • Maximum Load: 300lb / 136kg
  • Power Supply: 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, Universal Voltage
  • Nominal Power in Operation: 160-320VA
  • Certifications: CE, FDA listed as Class 1 device, 510k exempt


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