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Zinger® 7.8Ah Standard Replacement Battery for Range up to 8 miles
Zoomer® 8.7Ah Standard Replacement Battery for Range up to 8 Miles
Zoomer® 10.5Ah Extended Battery (24V)
Zinger® or Zoomer® Under Seat Storage Basket
Zinger® or Zoomer® Seat Belt
Zinger® Spare Keys
Journey Air Elite Folding Power Chair
Journey Air Lightweight Folding Power Chair
Journey Zinger® Folding Power Chair Two-Handed Control
Journey Zoomer® Folding Power Chair Left- or Right-handed Control
Journey So Lite® Folding Power Scooter
Save 8%
UPWalker® Lite Backsaver Rollator
Journey Health & Lifestyle
UPWalker® Lite Backsaver Rollator Sale price$545.00 USD Regular price$595.00 USD
UPWalker® EZ Lite Backsaver Rollator
Journey So Lite® Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker
Journey So Lite® Super Lightweight Folding Wheelchair
Universal Bottle Holder
Save 14%
UPWalker® CardioAccelerator Backsaver Rollator
Save 12%
UPWalker® Premium Lite Backsaver Rollator
The Shopper
UPWalker® Original Backsaver Rollator
UPWalker® Beverage Holder
Travel Bag for Zinger® or Zoomer®
Zinger® 10.5Ah Extended Battery for Maximum Range up to 9.7mi
So Lite® Scooter 10Ah Lithium Battery
UPWalker® Luxury Personal Item Bag
UPWalker® Personal Item Bag
UPWalker® Shopping Bag
UPWalker® Backrest Support
O2 Oxygen Tank Holder
UPWalker® Flashlight
UPWalker® Smartphone Holder
UPWalker® Cane/Umbrella Holder
UPWalker® Armrest Pad
Save 20%
UPbed® Standard
Journey Health & Lifestyle
UPbed® Standard Sale price$1,995.00 USD Regular price$2,495.00 USD
Save 34%
Deluxe Adjustable Bedside Assist Rail Stability Bar
Save 11%
UPbed® Independence
Journey Health & Lifestyle
UPbed® Independence Sale price$3,999.00 USD Regular price$4,499.00 USD
Perfect Sleep Chair®
Save 32%
Journey Power Toilet Lift
Journey Health & Lifestyle
Journey Power Toilet Lift Sale price$1,119.00 USD Regular price$1,649.00 USD
Save 12%
EZ Swivel Stool
Journey Health & Lifestyle
EZ Swivel Stool Sale price$35.00 USD Regular price$39.99 USD
Journey SoftSecure 360 Degree Rotating Shower Chair
Journey SoftSecure Rotating Transfer Tub Bench
Journey SoftSecure 3-in-1 Commode Chair
Journey SoftSecure Uplift Toilet Assist
Save 8%
Journey Luxe Elite Electric Recreational Mobility Scooter