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VacuStar is special treadmill for weight loss exercises which used opposite zero gravity technology as called as vacuum treadmill. As well as this rehab treadmill combines vacuum negative resistance with infrared heating and aroma therapy. Also available collagen lamp and cryotherapy option. Best solution for cellulite reduction and get rid a problematic body areas and body recovery after injuries.

Rehabilitation treadmill with extended functionality
Cellulite reduction and body shaping. Vacuum therapy is targeted to most stubborn body areas by increasing the blood circulation to the hips, buttocks & thighs to initiate cellulite reduction. VacuStar helps to spend increased amounts of calories a few times faster than any regular treadmill. It happens due added negative vacuum resistance, infrared heating and cryotherapy functionality incorporated in this unique treadmill. During exercise on VacuStar treadmill improves blood flowing to make more elastic and firmer skin. Also improved circulation in lymphatic system during low impact exercise. Get better physical condition of muscles. Elimination of cold feet syndrome and delivery more blood to low body parts. Fast burning of fat tissue Effective rehabilitation exercises for overweight persons recovery treatments for athletes after sport injuries.

VacuStar treadmill focused on cardio exercises in capsule with negative vacuum resistance combined with extremely hot and cold therapies. VacuStar opposite zero-gravity treadmill as called as vacuum treadmill improves blood and lymphatic circulation during exercise using deep under pressure vacuum massage, infrared heating and cryo therapy which bring incredible results for weight loss and cellulite reduction as well as body muscle recovery. Extra features included aroma therapy, ozone therapy, color therapy, oxygen therapy and collagen lamp lights for skin care. This treadmill could be involved in any rehabilitation treatments as post injury exercises and muscle restoring.
VacuStar vacuum cryo infrared treadmill incorporated newest body sculpting technologies to reach fast fat tissue elimination in problematic body areas such as the waist, thighs, buttocks and hips. The average of fat tissue reduction on VacuStar vacuum cryo infrared treadmill is three times higher than during hard physical exercise on a regular treadmill. After exercise on VacuStar treadmill expected postponed fat tissue burn for a few hours after weight loss exercise completed. Hot therapy with infrared lights heated treadmill capsule up to +55C/+131F makes deep detoxification. Infrared lights therapy deeply warms the skin, improving blood circulation in fat tissue which bring more oxygen to transfer fat cells to energy. As well as activate anti-ageing process and increases health and firmness.

How does it work?
VacuStar vacuum infrared cryo treadmill is treadmill incorporated in plastic capsule which creating vacuum when you dress neoprene skirt under bust. When you start vacuum program, powerful vacuum motor is pumping out all air from chamber with treadmill and making the low atmospheric pressure as called as zero-gravity or vacuum negative resistance. In such no air space with vacuum negative resistance client is walking or running. The lower parts of the body, involved the capsule with treadmill, experiencing increase temperature up to +55C/131F on infrared hot therapy program or reduced up to -20C/-4F on Cryonick cryotherapy program during rehabilitation and weight loss exercise. Due negative vacuum resistance the blood is increased pulled into the skin and fat tissue during running or just walking workout. Such therapy action helps to concentrate fat burning to take place in problematic body areas as called the cellulite zones and fat prone areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks due to the poor blood supply in these areas. Cryonick cold temperature program helps to freeze pain signal from injured body areas and immediately reduce inflammation which making muscle and movements release during workout on VacuStar treadmill. Weight loss exercise in order to improve figure slimming down mainly around buttocks, hips, legs, abdomen and sides. Sport rehab exercises in order to recovery muscles and restore movements after injuries with natural analgesic affect which bring cryotherapy option incorporated in treadmill. Combination extremely hot and cold therapies brings fast recovery and improve immune response in post COVID rehab treatments.

Benefits of VacuStar treadmill
Increase gravity’s impact using negative vacuum resistance during physical exercises which helps to burn twice more calories with low impact training than during hard running exercise on regular treadmill
Cryotherapy exercise program helps to rehabilitate and makes pain relief for after injuries treatments. Training with reduced pain and loading on joints and muscles
Improve mobility of moments and muscle strength with weight loss effectiveness
Infrared program helps extremely increase sweating and remove extra water from body and bad toxins storage. Increase metabolic process and accelerate removal of toxin from body
Provide twice faster and effective to lose weight than during physical exercises as high speed running or jogging
Fast muscle recovery after surgeries and injuries
Effective exercise for cellulite reduction due increased blood and lymphatic circulation in problematic fat areas
Skin care benefits with collagen lamp, aroma therapy, ozone therapy to reach smoother and toned skin. Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging effects
Aid in rehabilitation treatment for joint pain & arthritis. Post surgery recuperation. Rehab exercises for spider veins and poor blood circulation in legs

What is vacuum technology in this treadmill?
Negative Vacuum resistance as called vacuum Lipo Drainage brings an additional effect of better blood flow is a faster more efficient elimination of toxins from the body. Our technology promotes blood to be pulled into the skin & fat layers with the combination of vacuum and walking. This allows for concentrated fat burning to take place in the most stubborn areas of the body by increasing the blood circulation to the hips, buttocks & thighs. During a traditional exercise session the body turns to fat stores which are the easiest to use i.e. the chest, arms, shoulders & face. Without the effect of our equipment the cellulite and fat prone areas of the hips, buttocks & thighs would never be targeted effectively with a traditional approach.Our vacuum technology not only helps you to lose weight, but also to reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation and the lymph function.

What is IR infrared technology?
During exercise infrared warming lights reaching your skin, increase sweating to remove more toxins via skin pores. Warmed skin via infrared heating emits more easily fat and residual water, acids and toxic compounds. Infrared is significantly increasing the blood with oxygen suppling to the fat tissues. The oxygen is better conducted into the fat tissue to transfer fat cells to energy. Also bringing effects of relaxation, muscle pain relief and accelerate the healing process of injured areas. Infrared technology incorporated in VacuStar treadmill significantly accelerates calories spending, fat burning, eliminating cellulite and improving skin condition. The infrared therapy lights boosts the immune system and effectively supports the fight against colds and virus infections at an early stage.

Cryotherapy exercises in VacuStar treadmill
VacuStar is unique treadmill which combined hot and cold therapies benefits in one device. You could choose exercise programs with extremely hot temperatures inside treadmill capsule as well as program with extremely cold temperature inside as called Cryonick Technologia. The heat and vacuum technologies combination activates the blood and lymphatic circulation processes in the lower parts of body, forcing the body to utilize lower body fatty acids, targeting these areas. Cryotherapy exercises brings pain relief and recovery during exercise. Physical exercise in extremely cold capsule reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow, which gets a good result in rehabilitation process. Heat treatment promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. Combination of heat and cold treatments help reduce exercise-induced muscle pain and improve weight loss effect. Cryotherapy effect during rehab exercise on VacuStar treadmill slows down the pain messages being transmitted to the brain, therefore customer get opportunities to continue exercise with injured body parts and do not feel pain which stop exercise movement.

What benefits of combination hot, cold and vacuum therapies in one rehab machine?
When body gets in the extremely cold space, the blood vessels contract, vasoconstriction occurs. Benefits that blood circulation is reduced when body involve in cold temperature capsule, and pain decreases. Removing from cold program and start hot program exercise causes vasodilation, as the veins expand to overcompensate. During infrared hot temperature program the blood vessels expand, blood circulation improves, and the incoming flow of blood brings nutrients to help the injured tissues heal. Narrowing and dilation of blood vessels during hot and cold program exercise gives the best effect in the process of recovery and rehabilitation. Both of programs could be extended vacuum negative resistance option which provides extra effect on blood flowing and distribution during hot and cold exercises. As well as combination of hot and cold therapies should boost immune system during exercise. VacuStar treadmill is the sole product on market which has a such effective functionality in one single rehab device as vacuum resistance, infrared heating and exercise in cold temperature.

Extra skin care benefits during training
COLLAGEN LIGHTS Red lights therapy is well-know skin care technology for anti aging and improve skin condition. Red light stimulates natural collagen production on skin level .Extra skin care benefits during VacuStar exercise

OZONE THERAPY Ozone generator refilling skin with O3 improving skin condition, allows immune system to concentrate O3 in body

AROMA THERAPY During exercise in InfraStar refilling skin with special aroma oils brings anti bacterial effect, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.

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