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RollStar lympahic roll massager are a godsend for those who dream of losing excess weight without effort – without going to the gym, dietary restrictions. These wonderful simulators, as the manufacturers assure, help to achieve noticeable results in just 7 days. At the same time, you need to devote only one hour a day to classes. These devices really allow you to achieve a beautiful figure without exhausting workouts

RollStar lymphatic massage rollshaper
Clean up body and make lymphatic detox using RollStar lymphatic roll massager
The body lymphatic system is a part of immune system. Lypha transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, collecting toxins on the way and then drop out the toxins out through the lymphatic nodes. Cellulite appears due bad lyphatic and blood circulations in specific body areas. RollShape roller stimulate lyphatic system, mechanically destroy combination between fat cells in fat tissue, delivery blood and oxygen to such areas, transfer fat cells to energy as well as increase lymphatic outflow for toxins removal from body.

Lymphatic cellulite reduction massage
RollStar is the lymphatic massage rollshaper.  The roll massage performed on our rollshaper  stimulates the production of lymphatic fluids and the expansion of lymph vessels. Lymphatic massage by RollStar lymphatic drainage roller mechanically destroys combination between fat cells. Infrared heating increase blood and lymphatic circulation in targeted body areas helps to bring blood with oxygen there. Blood with oxygen  easy transfers to energy these fat cells. Therefore lymphatic massage rollers are most effective devices for cellulite reduction. As well as rollers making muscle massage which used in sport rehabilitation and recovery for massage therapists. Lymphatic drainage massage is the most effective method of get rid in problematic body areas and get fast cellulite reduction benefits.

Lymphatic drainage are extensive, mainly in the transport via lymphatic system and removal of stagnant fluids located in body. Lymphatic drainage exercises on rollshaper stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, fat tissue reduction and skin tightening. Increases lymphatic flow, promoting faster removal of excess interstitial fluid and toxins from body. Reduces swelling and water retention. Helps with cellulite reduction by reducing the amount of fluid that presses up against the cross-hatched fibers beneath your skin. Improve body and muscle relaxation and well-being feeling. Energizes the body and makes muscle recovery.

Benefits of lymphatic massage:

  • Lose those extra pounds
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation in problematic body areas
  • Reduce the volume of the body parts
  • Eliminate localized fat deposits.
  • Improve skin condition
  • Skin tightening and improve skin elasticity.
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Improve muscle tone.
  • Detoxification 
  • Avoid liposuction, dubious dietary supplements for weight loss, and strict diets.

Effects of lymphatic massager roll shaper
Minus 10 inches in the waist in just a month! According to the developers RollStar lymphatic roll massager can be used to get rid in any problematic body area as hips, abdomen, buttocks, shoulders, etc. RollStar have no side effects. The effect is achieved through a powerful lymphatic drainage massage and simultaneous heating of the skin with infrared rays. Indeed, when considering the work of simulators, you can make sure that they give excellent results even to the laziest. Lymphatic drainage massage is many times more effective than usual. In just one session on RollStar roll massager you can burn up to 450 calories or lose at least 5-10 kg (10-20LB) per month without any hard fitness exercises or cardio loading.

New updated menu

  • Virtual reality display
  • Wi-Fi
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Video guide
  • FaceBook
  • VACUACTIVUS application control
Product Highlights
  • 10.1″ movable wi-fi display
  • Bluetooth connection via machine and display. You could operate rollshaper remotely
  • Virtual reality menu with exercise instructions
  • TV channels, Netflix, Facebook and Instagram is available to review during lymphatic massager treatments on RollStar
  • 3 automatic and 1 manual program
  • Speed rolling adjustment
  • Calories counter
  • Infrared lights turn on/off
  • Collagen and color therapy lamps turn on/off
  • Ozone therapy (optionally)
  • Exercise summary
  • Video installation how exercise on lymphatic drainage rollshaper
  • Change rotation


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