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Iceberg localized cryotherapy machine applies nitrogen vapors at temperatures around -160°C / -256°F to specific body area which comes from 50L nitrogen built-in tank. Vapors of nitrogen have zero humidity and extremely cold temperature which immediately effects on skin. Process similar to put ice on your skin, just less inconvenient and it operates with more lowest temperature which brings more effective therapy.This cold process makes your blood vessels contract your pores. Immediate body response to quickly return normal temperature in treated area brings increased blood and lymphatic circulation. Increased blood circulation brings fast recovery process in specific body area . In cryo facial treatment, extremely cold temperatures cause the blood vessels under skin and improves oxygenated blood flowing to the surface of the skin. Benefits provided by the increased blood flowing start the rejuvenation process of the facial. Your skin is left feeling refreshed, defined, and tight.

Introduction of Iceberg 50L localized cryotherapy unit nitrogen based
Localised Cryotherapy machine Iceberg 50L provides a non-invasive and effective cooling treatment where a high volume of cooled air by vaporizing nitrogen is applied directly to the specific body area during 5-10 minutes depends on program. Such extreme cold therapy treatment  produces thermal shock deep into the tissue layers and can help to reduce inflammation and pain, increase blood circulation, tighten and rejuvenate skin and boost collagen production. Iceberg localized cryotherapy machine operates using liquid nitrogen contained in 50L built-in tank.

Extremely cold temperature vapor for healing therapy
Iceberg 50L nitrogen based is a localized cryotherapy device designed for the rapid application of extreme cold in targeted areas of the body. This localized cryotherapy machine has portable design, many programs for different parts of body and face according treatment protocols. Built-in safety features as thermal imaging handle to reach highest standards in cryotherapy treatments. Most application is Cryo facial therapy which is an innovative way to get rid of environmental marks on your facial skin and improve your skin condition by natural rejuvenation process of cooling targeted parts of body. 
Localized cryotherapy procedure is fast, effective, inexpensive for improve anti-aging skin therapy with a youthful appearance. Iceberg cryotherapy device is used for targeted cryotherapy, cryofacials or spot Cryotherapy in beauty and cosmetology industry, but is also suitable for sport rehabilitation application. Targeted cryo cryotherapy offers the advantages of cold stimulation on injured body areas to improve quick response and lasting effect without the negative after-effects of prolonged cooling of muscle tissue.

Benefits of localized cryotherapy
Localized  cryotherapy treatment became extremely popular in many fields. The main benefits of spot cryotherapy are:

  • Decrease swelling, joint pain and reduce inflammation on specific body parts
  • Natural based therapy using extremely cold temperatures to improve general health and wellbeing
  • Acceleration of muscle recovery and improved muscle elasticity during sport rehabilitation exercises. Increase muscle tone.
  • Reach immediate pain relief in targeted body area. Decrease chronic pain and joint stiffness. Arthritis pain management
  • Improve skin tone, reduces cellulite, improves acne and increases collagen production in skin anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments 
  • Increase blood circulation and oxygen delivery into treated areas. Refine Skin Appearance
  • Accelerate recovery and healing processes in post surgery therapy
  • Immediately reduce inflammation and puffiness in post injury treatments, especially in sport rehabilitation medicine
  • Localized cryotherapy treatment increases microcirculation in specific body areas which helps to drain toxins away. Enhances Skin Exfoliation
  • Cryotherapy has a cooling effect that inhibits bacteria growth and reduces inflammation and oil production in the skin. Strengthens the Skin.
  • Cryotherapy helps with muscular recovery and toning, leading to firmer skin. Sort cryotherapy well-known technology in anti-aging treatments. Anti-aging cryo effect reached due to more
  • intensive collagen production and increased blood circulation in treated body areas. Smooth and shining effect for skin.
  • Increase epidermal firmness applied in beauty skin care treatments. Reduce Acne & Skin Blemishes
  • Mood improvement effect due endorphin production in treated by cold areas

Cryo facial machine
Cryotherapy facial is stimulation of face skin and neckline via the vapor of liquid nitrogen going out from this cryotherapy device. Unlike whole-body cryotherapy when the whole body is affected by cold, in localized spot cryotherapy client involves to cold therapy treatment just  into a specific area. The concept of cryotherapy facial is based on the short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a particular area of face or necklace. This feature is widely used in the beauty, medical and sport rehabilitation industries.

Product Highlights
  • Improved 10”1 smart touch screen interface. More programs for cryo facial, arms, shoulders, spine, legs and etc.
  • Ergonomic handle nozzle. Easy to choose and change 4 speeds of cold blowing
  • Improved temperature sensor automatically measuring skin temperature and red alarm if skin overcooled .
  • Thermal imaging handle with display showing how cooled skin to protect and make safe cryo treatment
  • Projecting red lights to indicate proper distance between skin and nozzle
  • Large capacity 50L liquid nitrogen tank built-in. Low nitrogen spending and easy access too refill nitrogen tank.
  • Special thermo insulation on cryogenic hose and hose holder to provide convenient treatment and reach body areas
  • Low power consumption and easy plug-in to any regular electric outlet
  • Portable and movable cryo unit and state-of-art ergonomic design. Black or white standard colors and customized color order available.


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