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Innovative rehabilitation chamber for weight loss and restore movement exercises. Rehab chamber combines hot and cold therapies to restore muscles and get weight loss effect

Innovative technologies for weight loss and sport rehabilitation
This rehab chamber was created to create more fast muscle recovery after injuries and get weight loss effect. Capsule combines hot and cold therapies with low impact physical exercises. Hot Cryo Chamber could be used for athletes recovery and general rehabilitation process after sport injuries, muscle trauma or after replacement joints surgery. This rehab capsule has the low impact exercise ropes with 1.5kg loading, virtual video guidance trainer, hot therapy heated up to body temperature 36.6C combined program training with cryo therapy in extremely cold temperatures. Rehabilitation unit adds extended benefits for skin care as color therapy, ozone O3 air ionization therapy.

Combination hot and cold therapies for fast recovery
Combination of hot and cold therapies was known by years as most effective natural recovery methods especially in sport rehabilitation. Cryotherapy therapy is used more often by famous athletes for reduce inflammation, block pain receptors and get pain relief. Recovery benefits of heat are the relaxation of the muscles and increases metabolism which improves healing process and increase sweating which removing toxins from body. Experts researches stated that muscle recovery was measured based on strength, force required to passively move the knee, a subjective pain scale, and blood myoglobin levels. For strength recovery, heat application was superior immediately after exercise while cold application was superior after a some time. Heat infrared therapy is prevented elastic tissue damage after exercise especially if outside body temperature is equal to body temperature. For reducing muscle damage, heat application therapy was superior immediately after exercise. Extremely cold temperature therapy is absolutely effective for immediate pain relief effect. Cold and heat therapies are both effective for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing muscle damage. Cold is superior for pain relief and improve blood and lymphatic circulations.
Treating pain with heat and cryo program options. Treating pain or make painless exercises with hot and cold can be extremely effective for a number of different conditions and injuries, and easily affordable. Use extremely cold temperatures for acute injuries or pain, along with inflammation and swelling. Use heat for muscle pain or stiffness.

Low impact physical exercises
Clients after injuries in rehabilitation period need to improve fitness and wellbeing level and simply enjoy the many benefits of working out which they are limited. Therefore such person could not join regular or hard training physical activities. Same issue described for obesity persons looking to get in shape during weight loss exercises. Then low-impact exercise may be great solution in rehabilitation and weight loss process. Low-impact exercise is a great option for people who cannot tolerate high-impact exercise or who are looking for a gentle way to get exercise benefits without placing too much loading on muscles, tendons, and joints. No intensive workout with Hot Cryo Chamber which has 4 special ropes hold on arms and legs with loading just 1.5kg. Virtual trainer on display showing how properly exercise and make proper workout to restore movements and muscle relaxation during low impact training.

Hot therapy exercises
This rehab & weight loss capsule has incorporated infrared heater with temperature control sensor, which created heating air up to same temperature as you body temperature 36.6C. Skin receptors feeling same temperature as body temperature and make muscle contraction more gently and relaxing which help to provide workout for injured areas without feeling pain or discomfort. Heat therapy works by improving blood and lymphatic circulation to a particular area due to increased temperature. Increasing the temperature of the afflicted area even slightly can soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility. Heat therapy can relax and soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue.

Cryo therapy exercises
Extremely cold temperature therapy called as cryotherapy. Cryotherapy exercises work by reducing blood flow to a particular area and freeze pain receptors, which effective for reduce inflammation and swelling. It can temporarily reduce nerve sensor activity, which can also relieve pain in injured areas and give you freedom to make physical exercise without pain. Knowing when to use cryotherapy exercises and when to use heat therapy will significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment especially weight loss effect. Therefore Hot Cold chamber has extra application as weight loss using just low impact physical exercises.

Extra functionality:

Collagen lamps
O3 air ioniztion
Color therapy
Wi-fi remote control
Vacuactivus application for cell phones
Virtual reality trainer programs
Video guidance inside chamber
Ergonomic state-of-art exterior and interior design
Product Highlights
Innovative technologies for weight loss and sport rehabilitation
Combination hot and cold therapies for fast recovery
Low impact physical exercises
Hot therapy exercises
Cryo therapy exercises
Extra functionality


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