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Model: Simple


VACUACTIVUS CryoStar Cryochamber Nitrogen

Cryotherapy chamber with thermal monitor and oxygen sensor. Cryotherapy chambers based on liquid nitrogen. Using the right equipment for cryotherapy turns the science of exposing the entire human body to ultra-low temperatures for the recovery of the circulatory, nervous and energy systems into an effective healing technology. According to scientific and medical research, the optimal efficiency of whole-body cryotherapy procedures is achieved by placing the body at temperatures up to 120-170 ° C (- 184-280F) for 1-3 minutes, reducing the temperature of the skin surface. Short, extremely cold, non-invasive applied air pulses directed at the human body, elicit physiological reactions that promote treatment and recovery, which are used in many fields, such as cosmetology, sports rehabilitation, and medicine.

Description of cryotherapy treatments
Cryotherapy brings to the public attention the benefits of cold therapy at extremely low temperatures. Whole-body cryotherapy is a therapy known for its wellness benefits properties obtained through exposure to ultra-low temperatures. The ultra-low temperature stimulates the receptors in the skin, activating the reaction to releases endorphins, produced by the human body (natural pain inhibitors and improves mood for wellness purposes).

In addition, cryotherapy should improve blood and lymphatic circulation due natural body warn up in cold temperatures involved. Increased blood and lymphatic circulation should relieve inflammation by cleaning toxins and metabolic products, supplying the blood with oxygen and nutrients necessary to stimulate cell repair throughout the body. After the epidemic problems of the coronavirus, cryotherapy became more popular as a wellness procedure for natural immune system booster that should help protect against viruses. Many articles suggest that cryotherapy treatment has been accepted by many famous athletes and sports teams for muscle recovery and relax treatment.

Second generation of CryoStar cryotherapy chamber
You could probably find many bargains on the market for cryotherapy chambers. But what is the difference between CryoStar and others? In most cases, cryosaunas offered by our competitors, developed on an outdated platform, released more than 25 years ago and still used by competitors with a small number of updates. Therefore, customers could meet many similar cryosaunas in ancient cubic design. Some competitors tried to introduce new technologies into their equipment, such as thermal cameras, wi-fi and indirect nitrogen spray in the middle of the cryosauna, which made their product excessively expensive.

Cryotherapy chamber manufacturer VACUACTIVUS developed a modern cryosauna with the latest functionality and an acceptable price, capable of destroying the established monopoly of the old cryotherapy chambers. After extensive research and hard work by top designers and technicians, we released our most advanced CRYOSTAR Cryosauna versions, Simple and Grand. CryoStar Grand M is the latest released model available on the market and has brought together all the latest achievements in the cryotherapy industry. CryoStar has a modern futuristic design with an ergonomic exterior and a functional interior. Therefore, in a short time, CryoStar has become a top seller in world markets.

The main advantages of CryoStar cryochambers:

  • Indirect nitrogen spray technology using platinum injection nozzles in the center of the cryo chamber, which helps reduce nitrogen consumption to 3-5 liters per session and prevents injury due to hypothermia or direct nitrogen input liquid in the cryosauna. This innovative technology, developed by the leading specialists in our company, helps to achieve uniform nitrogen distribution within the chamber and low temperature retention for all parts of the body.
  • Automatic door opening by remote control or button mounted on the door. CryoStar is a unique cryotherapy chamber with such functionality
  • Latest 10.1 ”touch screens and updated menu with 3 automatic programs and 1 manual program
  • Easy installation and use
  • Thermal Vision Camera and Mounted Oxygen Level Sensors (Available on versions  CryoStar Grand)
  • Large 21″ video display on top with wifi and TV options.

Maintenance and options for cryotherapy chamber

  • No special service or maintenance required, just place the canister with nitrogen
  • High quality parts made in Europe and the USA, as well as the long service life of the equipment.
  • Simple and great models can meet the needs of any customer looking for the best price and latest features
  • Possibility to choose customized color and add customer logo
  • The latest design and new features. The combination of glass and plastic in a luxurious modern design.
  • The best technical and customer support worldwide

What is thermovision technology?
The thermovision camera (thermal + lat. Vīsio «vision») is a device for monitoring the temperature distribution of the examined surface. The temperature distribution is displayed on the screen as a color image, where different temperatures correspond to different colors. The study of thermal images is called thermography. All bodies whose temperature exceeds the temperature of absolute zero emit electromagnetic thermal radiation according to Planck’s law. The spectral power density of radiation (Planck’s function) has a maximum, the wavelength of which on the wavelength scale depends on temperature. As a general rule, modern thermal cameras rely on special matrix temperature sensors called bolometers. They represent an array of miniature thin film thermistors.

Infrared, collected and focused on the array with a thermal camera lens, heats the array elements in accordance with the temperature distribution of the monitored object displayed on the liquid crystal screen as a color image, where the cold places are blue and warm places are yellow or red. The Thermovisor technology built into the cryotherapy chamber is very innovative, allowing you to see how the body reacts to temperature and blood circulation with increased regeneration in areas of the body that are undergoing cryotherapy. The CryoStar Grand has a built-in thermal camera and a video monitor that displays the data obtained from the thermal imager.

How many cryotherapy treatments requested?
The number of procedures varies depending on the goals of the patient and the reaction of her body to the treatment. The use of cryostimulation for muscle recovery is a daily auxiliary method that can be carried out in cycles of 10-20 sessions to achieve a sustainable effect of the treatment. Injuries vary in severity, so the number of procedures is difficult to estimate in advance. The physical therapist and the patient must assess when, in their opinion, the injury will fully recover.

The number of sessions may vary depending on the severity of the sport injuries and will be individual in each case. The patient may feel a complete recovery after 3-4 sessions, but it would be more effective to carry out a cycle of 10-20 procedures to obtain the full effect of the treatment. This will help prevent recurring injuries on a regular basis and strengthen the impact zone. If the patient needs to get in shape as soon as possible, the sessions can be done twice a day, but there should be a break of 4-6 hours between them. The reason why cryostimulation procedures are recommended every day or every other day is the ability of cryostimulation should increased blood circulation in the affected area due natural process for warn up body. When performing procedures with short breaks between them, the patient experiences a sustained increase in blood circulation for warm up body and a wellness benefits for a long time. This speeds up the healing and rehabilitation process, as well as making the treatment more effective than procedures performed with long breaks.

How combine cryotherapy with physical therapy
When cryostimulation is used in combination with physical therapy, the patient must perform post-treatment exercises, as strengthening and developing flexibility of the joints and bones is the key point of recovery. Post-treatment exercises involve a series of exercises or movements recommended by the physical therapist and aimed at strengthening the joints and muscles in the affected area. Sometimes patients may feel fine after the first few sessions, and then a few days later they suddenly feel pain again. This is a good sign that cryostimulation works effectively as the joints and muscles developed and moved more freely during the recovery process.

After 6-7 days, these symptoms should disappear completely. After cryo procedures, it is essential that the patient performs the prescribed physical exercises (the patient can wear sportswear with him for treatment). To enhance the effect of the treatment, the patient should train afterwards. Cryostimulation in the CryoStar cryotherapy chamber promotes the relax muscles after workout.

Variety of colors and version for CryoStar cryosauna
Cryotherapy chamber CryoStar is available in versions:

  • Simple
  • Grand with thermal imaging camera and oxygen sensor monitor
  • Grand M with large 21″ TV display and thermal imaging option

Variety of colors for cryotherapy chamber:

  • White/grey, white/blue, white/violet, white/red
  • Black/black, black/grey, black/red, black/violet, black/blue

Professional level of equipment
CryoStar incorporated Platinum jests spraying system which helps to distribute nitrogen vapor evenly inside whole chamber. Client feels same cold temperature for upper and lower body, which increased cryotherapy effect. Professional level of cryotherapy equipment for your business.

Product Highlights
  • Latest 10.1 " touch screens and updated menu with 3 automatic and 1 manual program
  • Easy installation and use
  • Automatic door opening with push button and remote control
  • Thermovision technology and mounted oxygen level sensors (in the model CryoStar Grand)
  • Does not require special service or maintenance, just put the container with nitrogen
  • High-quality parts manufactured in Europe, as well as the long service life of the equipment
  • Simple and Grand models can satisfy the needs of any customer who is looking for the best price and the latest features
  • Ability to choose the color of the custom-made equipment and add the customer's logo
  • The latest design and new features. The combination of glass and plastic in a luxurious modern design




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