Timber Stoves | Timber Oven Complete Cook Kit

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Timber Stoves | Timber Oven Complete Cook Kit

Timber Stoves understands the necessity of cooking outdoors with a problem free fire. Fill the cylinder with pellets, light it with fire gel, and slide it under the stove – It’s that easy!

This Outdoor oven is simple to use but is packed with unique cooking features that is sure to bring out the creative cook in everyone. With a wide range of cooking temperatures and the ability to use various fuel types, this is so much more than a pizza oven. The new Burner Box allows for greater portability and Ease of Use. From chicken to pizza, you wont find a cooking device that can cook everything under the sun and is this simple to use. 


All-In-One Pellet Fired Oven

  • Includes the Timber Oven & Burner Box
  • 17×18.25″ Cooking Surface (310 Sq. In. area)
  • Radiant Thermal Technology
  • Simple Design – No Moving Parts
  • 350°-550° Temp Range
  • Oven Dim. 22×19.5×12″ – 60 lbs
  • Burn Box Dim. 17×12.5×20″ – 28 lbs

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  • 7 Gauge All Metal Cook Surface - Heavy Duty – perfect for pizza crust or cast-iron ware
  • 1.5 Hr Max Burn Time - The draft from the stove pipe keeps the fire burning.
  • Radiant Thermal Cooking - Even temperatures on the top and bottom

How it works

The new burner box allows Timber Stove Cooking accessories to work without the otherwise necessary stove. This allows the Oven to be a tabletop or portable cooking appliance that requires no electricity. Just like the Timber Stove, the pellet fire is powered by the draft of the stove pipe, only the fire is now contained in a cylinder that is placed directly under oven. Temperature is determined by the level at which the cylinder is placed:

Top Ring = 550°

Middle Ring = 450°

Bottom Ring = 350°

The Burner Box’s enclosed flame and indirect cooking works much like your oven at home. The heat is routed up and around the entire oven, creating even temperatures top to bottom. It is not necessary to use hardwood cooking pellets in this vapor free oven. We recommend using heating stove pellets that are a fraction of the cost (a 40 lb bag costs roughly $5).

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