Shoprider XLR Plus Electric Wheelchair - 858WM

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Shoprider XLR Plus Electric Power Wheelchair 858WM


Shoprider XLR Plus Electric Wheelchair


Are you searching for a mid-sized power wheelchair with a luxury seat, mid-wheel drive, and great stability with 6 wheels on the ground? Look no further than the Shoprider XLR Plus 858WM Electric Wheelchair. This fantastic power chair from Shoprider has a full suspension system and great stability features that make this the perfect chair for indoor or outdoor riding.

Sturdy Power Chair:

The Shoprider XLR Plus 858WM Electric Wheelchair for sale is a very study chair. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, this chair is perfect for almost any rider. The XLR Plus features a 4-post seating system, meaning the chair is anchored in 4 points instead of just 1. The durable frame will effortlessly take you where you want to go.

 Shoprider XLR Plus Electric Wheelchair 858WM Left Side View

Impressive Driving Range:

This Shoprider power chair has one of the best driving rangers of any electric wheelchair. Powerful 50AH batteries can drive an amazing 21 miles on one charge! Charge your scooter before heading out, and enjoy a full day of riding. The XLR Plus also has a high maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.

Outdoor Maneuverability:

Looking for an electric wheelchair that’s made for outdoor driving? The XLR Plus has some unbeatable outdoor features. The mid-wheel power wheelchair's drive system provides better traction on uneven surfaces than front or rear wheel drive chairs. The XLR Plus has two 10-inch driving wheels that give you a full 3-inch ground clearance. You’ll go over obstacles without any difficulty.

 Shoprider XLR Plus Electric Wheelchair 858WM Wheels View

Six Wheels on the Ground:

The Shoprider 858WM has 4 independently suspended front and rear casters in addition to the large driving wheels. You’ll have 6 wheels on the ground at all times. Now that’s unbeatable stability! This power chair also comes with a full suspension system for a smooth ride on most driving surfaces.

Shoprider XLR Plus Base View

Luxury Seat:

The Shoprider XLR Plus has an incredibly comfortable seat. The leatherette seat with headrest gives you superior comfort and style. And you can easily set the reclining seat at the perfect angle for maximum comfort. The adjustable armrests flip up for better access, while the footplate is length, height, and angle adjustable.

The powerful batteries are mounted under the seat, but you can access them without removing the seat. Simply flip the seat forward for easy battery access.

 Shoprider XLR Plus Electric Wheelchair 858WM Seat View



VSI Controller:

A very responsive VSI controller makes driving the Shoprider XLR Plus power chair safe and easy. This controller is programmable, so you can choose exactly how you want to operate your electric wheelchair.

The joystick effortlessly controls both speed and direction. But that’s not all. The control panel displays your battery life and speed settings. It also has an on and off switch, giving you even more control.

Benefits & Features

• Luxurious leatherette seat
• Front and Rear suspension
• Features a responsive VSI controller
• Stable four post seating system
• Reclining seat and adjustable seat height
• Adjustable length, height and angle foot plate
• Adjustable width, height and flip-up arm rest
• Midwheel drive maneuverability
• 10” wheels
• 300 lb. capacity


  • Manufacturer: Shoprider
  • Maximum Speed: 5 MPH
  • Travel Range: Up to 23.8 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Weight of Product: 205 pounds
  • Battery Charger: Offboard 5 amp
  • Battery Size: 22NF 12v 50 ah (70 lbs)
  • Brake: Electromagnetic
  • Curb Climbing: 10% degrees
  • Electronics: Dynamic
  • Grade Climbable: 6 degrees
  • Ground Clearance: 2.00 inches
  • Overall Height: 38.6 inches
  • Overall Length: 36 inches
  • Overall Width: 22 inches
  • Seat Type: Captain's Seat with Headrest
  • Suspension: Full Suspension
  • Turning Radius: 18 inches
  • Wheels: Front: 10" Flat Free Drive Wheels
  • Wheels: Rear: 5" Supporting Casters (4 total)


Shoprider XLR Plus  Owner's Manual

Shoprider XLR Plus Product Brochure 


  • Frame - 12 Months
  • Electronics - 12 Months on Electrical Harness
  • Controller - 12 Months
  • Motor/Gearbox - 12 Months
  • Batteries - 6 Months

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