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SaunaLife Spa Set 1 Bucket, Ladle, Timer and Thermometer - Sauna Accessory Package

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SaunaLife Spa Set 1 Bucket, Ladle, Timer and Thermometer - Sauna Accessory Package


Bucket and Ladle Package 1 

For a complete sauna experience, the SaunaLife Bucket and Ladle Package 1 accessory package is essential!  


Rustic elegance 

Designed to complement the rustic charm of your sauna, this package features a wooden 1-gallon lined sauna bucket crafted in Finland with a pine shell and plastic tub insert. The ladle is hand made from Abachi wood with deep carved spoon a genuine leather strap for easy handling.  


Monitor your bathing session 

A charming hand-blown glass sand timer lets you monitor the duration of your sauna session, while the stylish round wall-mounted thermometer allows you to ensure an optimal temperature in the room.  

  The perfect gift for those who Live the Sauna Life! 



Bucket and Ladle Package 1 

  • 1-gallon sauna bucket 
  • Ladle 
  • Timer 
  • Thermometer 


Bucket and Ladle Package 1 

1-gallon Sauna Bucket 

  • Solid Pine Shell 
  • Banded in wood w/plastic tub insert 
  • Made in Finland by Finnish craftsmen 



  • Hand carved from Abachi Wood 
  • Functional, spoon cup design 
  • Attached leather thong for easy drying 


Sand Timer 

  • Hand blown glass in a traditional hourglass design 
  • Western Red cedar exterior 
  • Easy to read time markings 
    • 1 minute-15 minutes



  • Chrome finish 
  • Round, 4" Diameter 
  • Monitors temperature range from 20F to 260F


Model Bucket and Ladle Package 1 
Bucket Material                         Pine Wood
Bucket Volume                         1 Gallon (5.0L)
Bucket Dimensions                         10 1/4"W x 6 3/4"L
Bucket Height w/ handle                         12"
Bucket Weight                         2.7 lbs
Ladle Material                          Abachi Wood
Ladle Width                          1/2"W
Ladle Length                          12"L
Ladle Weight                          0.7 lbs
Timer Material                          Glass
Timer Exterior                          Western Red Cedar
Timer Length                          11"
Timer Width                          3 1/2"
Timer Weight                          0.8 lbs
Thermometer Material                          Glass
Thermometer Dimensions                          5" x 5"
Thermometer Weight                          0.35 lbs






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