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SaunaLife Chromatherapy 48" LED Wifi Sauna Lighting | EMood

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SaunaLife Chromatherapy 48" LED Wifi Sauna Lighting | EMood



A transcendent sauna experience stimulates multiple senses to relax and rejuvenate the bather. SaunaLife's ceiling-mounted ERGO-Series EMood color LED light valance will elevate your sauna experience to a higher level.  


Bathe in tranquil color 

Create a mood that ranges from calming to invigorating from the infinite range of vivid RGB colors of the EMood color sauna barrel lighting system. All the wellness benefits of chromotherapy are at your fingertips as you shift seamlessly through the color spectrum.  


Premium quality 

These dimmable premium-quality LED sauna lights are dotless for even illumination and an elegant look. EMood lighting is independently controlled using the same app-based Wi-Fi control as the interior lighting and ESconce+ light system for SaunaLife ERGO-Series Sauna Barrels. 


Engineered for the outdoors 

The EMood sauna light system IP67-rated for use in wet conditions for superior reliability and longevity.  

Enjoy a lifetime of wellness in your own backyard and Live the SaunaLife! 




  • 1 - Thermo-Aspen RGB LED Orbital Fixture
  • Wireless Handheld Control 
  • RF/WIFI Driver 
  • 90W Power Supply 
  • 1 – 30’ Light Cable 



  • Thermo-Aspen Wood
  • Promotes tranquility
  • Stimulates the circulatory system
  • Provides regenerative stimulation to the immune system
  • Mood Lighting 
  • Wireless Handheld Control (Not Water or Sauna-heat rated, must be stored in a dry location)
  • Low voltage LED Lights
  • Safe Operation 
  • IP67 Rated 
  • Designed by SaunaLife and handcrafted in Northern Europe


Model                  EMOOD
Material                 Thermo-Aspen Wood
Valance Dimensions                 3 1/4"D x 12 1/4"W x 47 1/4"L
Power Supply  
Input Voltage                 120VAC
Output Voltage                 24VDC
Rated Power                 90W
AC Current                 3.75A
Rating                 UL, CE, FCC




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