HUUM HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

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HUUM HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

HIVE Mini is a slimmer version of the HIVE heater. While HIVE is intended for larger saunas (270 kg of stones), HIVE Mini fits up to 170 kg of sauna stones and is suitable for smaller saunas.

HUUM HIVE Mini: Key Features

  • Stainless steel
  • Elegant design
  • Large Stone capacity
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Works with UKU controls (sold separately)
  • Works with UKU extension box for 10.5KW model (sold separately)
  • Available Wi-Fi
  • Direct contact between stones and heating elements
  • More exposed stones for a longer, milder heat
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel, industrial quality heating elements​
  • Floor-mounted with adjustable legs
  • Designed and precision-crafted in Estonia
  • SGS listed



HUUM HIVE Mini: Elegant Design 

HUUM HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

HUUM HIVE Mini Specifications

In the case of a 230 1N connection, an analogous connection is made to the 3-phase. The heating circuits must be done before the circuit breaker.





  • Sauna room: 5-8 m³ (176.6 - 282 CU. FT.)
  • Stone capacity: 150kg
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Height: 750 mm
  • Diameter: 460 mm
  • Rock Capacity: 330lbs stone capacity (265lbs with the user of HIVE air tunnel -sold separately)
  • Watts: 6KW
  • Volts: 240VAC
  • AMPS: 25
  • Phase: 1PH
  • Maximum Temperature Settings: 110C
  • Installation Type: On the floor



  • Fuse: 30A
  • Supply voltage 3-phase: 240 V 2~
  • Cable: 10AWG




  • Sauna room: 9-15 m³ (317.8 - 530 CU. FT)
  • Stone capacity: 150 kg
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Height: 750 mm
  • Diameter: 460 mm
  • Rock Capacity: 330lbs stone capacity (265lbs with the user of HIVE air tunnel -sold separately)
  • Watts: 9KW
  • Volts: 240VAC
  • AMPS: 37.50
  • Phase: 1PH
  • Maximum Temperature Settings: 110C 
  • Installation Type: On the Floor



  • Fuse: 50A
  • Supply voltage 3-phase: 240 V 2~
  • Cable: 8AWG


HUUM HIVE Mini 10.5 KW


  • Sauna room: 10-20 m³ (353 - 706 CU. FT)
  • Stone capacity: 170 kg
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Height: 750 mm
  • Diameter: 460 mm
  • Rock Capacity: 330lbs
  • Watts: 10.5KW
  • Volts: 240VAC
  • AMPS: 43.75
  • Phase: 1PH
  • Maximum Temperature Settings: 110C 
  • Installation Type: On the Floor



  • Fuse: 50A
  • Supply voltage 3-phase: 240 V 2~
  • Cable: 6AWG


HUUM HIVE Mini : Dimensions


29.625" N/A 18.125"








HUUM HIVE Mini: Safety Distance



6 KW 60mm 580mm
9 KW 90mm 640mm


IMPORTANT: Extension Box information

  • The main module can control up to 9kW heaters, for full range electrical heaters extension box is needed.
  • Extension box is for heaters over 9kW
  • Extension box should be purchased with the heater.
  • For use with UKU controls (use with sauna heaters over 9kW requires UKU extension box - sold separately)
  • Please refer to the diagram included in the photo section for installation.
  • HUUM Extension Box Wiring Diagram


HUUM UKU Wi-Fi Sauna Controller


HUUM HIVE Mini Inclusions

Prepare your sauna experience with a few taps on the phone

Heat the sauna comfortably with the HUUM mobile app. The main benefit of this is you don’t even have to be home to heat your sauna. You could be anywhere and have your sauna hot and ready at exactly the moment you step in the door. This is a great advantage for many home sauna owners as well as accommodation establishments. Continue reading and discover:

  • how heating the sauna from your mobile phone can benefit you and also your accommodation establishment;
  • what do you need for heating your sauna through the mobile app;
  • how HUUM mobile app works and what features it offers.



Models Information


  • 6 kW: sauna room size 5-8 m³ (220 - 350 CU. FT..)
  • 9 kW: sauna room size 9-15 m³ (320 - 530 CU. FT.)


Package Contents:

  • 6 kW/ 9kW  Sauna heater, 18.125"D x 29.625"H
  • Adjustable legs
  • Installation and Operation Manual
  • 5-Year limited warranty



  • Control Unit
  • Stones
  • Heat-resistant Power Cable
  • Good to Add: Air Tunnel, Rail HM, Flange HM, Reflect HM



Innovative sauna controllers for modern sauna lovers

If you value time and appreciate comfort, heating the sauna through HUUM mobile app might just bring your sauna to a new level. This easy and time-saving sauna controlling solution helps to better insert enjoyable sauna moments into a busy modern lifestyle. 


Remote Types: UKU Local, UKU Wi-Fi Control, Wi-Fi Control Glass / Mirror

*Please see our Upgrades Options and separate listings for UKU Controllers. Comes in different colors. *





Why choose a HUUM HIVE Mini heater?


Made with care in Estonia

HUUM heaters are made of stainless steel and go through a long and carefully supervised production process to guarantee the best quality of each product.
  • Easy To Use
  • Soft Steam 
  • Longer Relaxation
  • Stainless Steel
  • CE Certification
  • Safety & Control
  • Made In Estonia


Steam like in a traditional sauna

HUUM heaters are built by using very small amounts of metal so that the heat comes mainly from the stones and only very little from the metal. This way we can maximize the good negative ions from the stones, like in traditional saunas, and keep the positive ions from the metal at a minimum. Together with a high stone capacity, this is our secret to healthy, mild and long-lasting steam.
HUUM HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater



What is unique about HUUM sauna?

The sleek and rounded shape of HUUM sauna heaters makes them some of the most stunning sauna heaters on the market. They provide gentle and long-lasting steam akin to traditional saunas due to their unusually high stone capacity. Because there isn't much metal in the heaters, the heat comes from the stones rather than the heated metal. Because of this, the air is filled with more negative ions, which are believed to be helpful to one's health. You can easily heat your sauna from your phone by pairing the heater with a UKU Wi-Fi or GSM controller.


What size saunas are HUUM heaters suitable for?

There are variants for both small and large sauna rooms with volumes ranging from 3-35 m³ among HUUM heaters.


How do I choose a heater with the right output?

The output of the sauna heater should be determined by the size and insulation of the sauna room.
To heat 1 m³ of the sauna room, you'll require 1 kW of power on average.
If the heater is too tiny, the sauna will heat up too slowly, not enough steam will be produced, and it will burn out more quickly. If a heater has a thermostat and is used correctly, a heater that is somewhat too strong will not cause problems.

The sauna room's insulation is the second key factor to consider. If the sauna room has any uninsulated brick, tile, glass, or logs walls, the sauna room size should be increased by 1.5 m³ for each m2 of uninsulated brick, tile, glass, or wood wall.

To determine the volume of your sauna room, utilize our sauna calculator. Multiply the height by the breadth and the length in meters to get a rough estimate. Then add the sum of uninsulated brick, tile, glass, or wood surfaces (m2) to the preceding result by multiplying it by 1.5. Because of this, you will be able to calculate the size of your sauna room in m³, from which you may choose the appropriate heater output. We recommend choosing the larger output value if the result lies between two alternative output values.


How long does it take to heat the sauna?

If the heater is large enough, it will heat up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in an hour at a rate of roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit per 8 minutes.


What kind of stones can be used with HUUM heaters?

We recommend utilizing sauna stove stones that are rounded and natural. We have light grey, rounded olivine diabase stones with a high heat capacity in our inventory. Because decorative stones are readily broken, they should not be used in the heater.


What material are HUUM heaters made of?

Stainless steel is used to make HUUM heaters. On the Craftsmanship page, you may learn more about the process.


What material are HUUM heaters made of?

Stainless steel is used in the construction of HUUM heaters. The Craftsmanship page has further information about the production.


Where are the heaters produced?

All HUUM products are made in Estonia.


How long is the guarantee?

There is a 5-year warranty on all HUUM sauna heaters.


What is included in the set?

The heater and adjustable legs (HIVE) or wall mount are included in the kit (DROP). Stones, controller, and power cable are not included in the set.


Who can install the heater?

The cabling and connection of the heater to the power source should only be done by a licensed electrician.


How can I replace my existing sauna heater with a HUUM heater?

Is your existing sauna heater a mechanical heater or does it have a controller?

Simply replace the sauna heater if it has a temperature control option on the controller. Install the heater with the help of a certified electrician and according to the product installation manual.

Do you have a sauna heater that isn't controlled by a controller (the heater's switch is on)? You'll need a controller with a temperature control feature, as well as some connections to connect it to. Using the help of a competent electrician, follow the directions in the product installation manuals. It's possible that you'll need to tear down some walls and run new wires.


Which kind of wiring will I need?

Installation instructions for cables can be found in our product installation manuals. A licensed electrician is required to install the cables.

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