Dundalk Leisurecraft Canadian Timber 2-3 Person Granby Cabin Sauna | CTC66W

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Dundalk Leisurecraft Canadian Timber 2-3 Person Granby Cabin Sauna | CTC66W

The Granby Cabin Sauna features a 2-tier seating arrangement, providing optimal comfort and functionality for both sitting and laying down. The design incorporates a full-sized door with a bronze-tempered window.  The Eastern White Cedar boasts remarkable resistance to decay and insects, providing exceptional durability with a lifespan of 30+ years. Exhibiting characteristic knots and a naturally light hue, the wood acquires a warm, rich amber tone when thermally treated, which gracefully weathers to a distinguished silver-grey when exposed to the elements.  It comes with pre-cut and pre-milled Eastern White Cedar wood, as well as a 28-gauge steel roof, making assembly simple and efficient. A team of two individuals can set up the sauna in just 5-8 hours, with no cutting necessary.


  • Seating capacity: 2-3 people
  • Heating time: Approximately 20 minutes, depending on outside temperature
  • Flat floor
  • 5mm bronze tempered glass door
  • Premium metal shingle roof
  • Vents for heat control
  • Solid wood benches: Sturdy bench design for sitting up or laying down
  • 2-tier benches on the back wall with return L Bench that can be installed on the left or right side
  • 28-gauge steel roof panels in a black matte textured color
  • Weight: 1230 lbs
  • Made in Canada


    • Full sauna kit, including wood, windows, door & hardware
    • Premium metal shingle roof and roof membrane
    • Solid Wood Benches
    • Installation guide

    The following items are sold separately:

    • Harvia KIP 6kW Electric Heater Package w/ Built-In Controller and Stones - The most popular electric heater for this sauna.  It draws 25 amps @ 240V.

    • Harvia KIP 6kW Electric Heater Package w/ Digital Controller and Wifi and Stones - A fan favorite for those who want to heat up their sauna from their phone. It also draws 25 amps @ 240V.

    • Karhu 20 Wood Burning Stove with Chimney out the Wall -

    Wood-burning heaters are a great option if you have access to firewood & want to avoid running electrical to the sauna. The even heat and efficient air circulation guarantee an enjoyable sauna session. This woodburning heater kit comes with steel protective gear, stones, and a chimney out the wall so you have everything needed to properly set it up.

    • Other Heaters - We offer all of the major heater brands, so if you are looking for something specific let us know and we'll help you spec one out. Most 4.5kW or 6kW electric sauna heaters in our store will work so if you find an alternative you prefer feel free to switch it out. 
    • Sauna accessories: Add things like a Cold Plunge Tub, Outdoor Shower, Backrest, Bucket & Ladle, Lights, Thermometer, and Sand Timer to upgrade your sauna setup. 



  • Sauna interior size: 158 cu ft
  • Interior Dimensions: 5' x 5' x 7' tall at ceiling peak 
  • Overall Exterior Dimensions including roof:  6'2" x 6'2" x 8.1' tall
  • Walls:  1.5" thick solid Cedar

  • Assembly

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