Dimplex | 24"/30"/42" Revillusion Accessory Log Kit

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Style: Birch Only


Size: 24-inch


For a traditional touch try out the Dimplex Log Set for Revillusion Electric Fireboxes. You can choose from either birch or fresh cut versions. These logs give your Revillusion Firebox a classic look of a wood burning fireplace. The life-like logs are a wonderful accent when you want more than just fire in your firebox

  • Fresh Cut: The fresh cut logs let you enjoy the natural beauty of split firewood along with the anticipation of a fire that is ready to burn.  With three stacked logs nestled in a grate, showing off their splintered edges, you get the feel of freshly chopped wood without ever swinging an axe.
  • Birch: Capture the essence of a rustic escape with the RLG faux birch wood log insert.  The soft, parchment-like quality of birch bark provides a neutral compliment for the gentle flames rising from the grate that cradles them.




24" Accessory Log Kit


Compatibility: RBF24DLX, RBF24DLXWC

Dimensions: 18.44"W x 10.79"H x 10.98"D

30" Accessory Log Kit


Compatibility: RBF30, RBF30WC

Dimensions: 22.37"W x 10.79"H x 10.98"D

42" Accessory Log Kit


Compatibility: RBF36, RBF36WC, RBF36P, RBF36PWC, RBF42 and RBF42WC

Dimensions: 26.47"W x 11.06"H x 10.98"D

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